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HXS Series Curved Screen

HXS Series Curved Screen is an economical and practical solid-liquid separation equipment which is developed by our company to absorb international advanced technology. Curved Screen is widely used in various industrial production fields.

HXS Series Curved Screen

In the paper making industry, it is mainly used in the following occasions:

1. Fiber Recycling: deal with white water in various pulp and paper processes to recover fibers.

2. Pulp concentration:
(1) concentration of accept pulp and tail pulp in the screening and purification system.
(2) concentration of damaged pulp.

3. White water purification:
(1) white water purification of paper machine is used for spraying water.
(2) purification and reuse of press water of paper machine.

4. Fiber classification:
(1) classification of long and short fibers.
(2) separation of large fiber bundles.

5. Separation of fiber and filler:
(1) washing with deinking pulp.
(2) wash the coated damaged pulp.

6. Sewage treatment: remove solid suspended solids

Specifications And Technical Parameters:

Type:      HXS1      HXS2      HXS3
area:m2       1.26      2.52       3.78
radian:°                                        120
Inlet pressure:Mpa                                0.15-0.25
Into the pulp concentration(%)                                      ≤2.5
Throughput (concentrated slurry):m3/h       72-108      144-216      216-324
Throughput (white water recovery):m3/h      108-180     216-360      324-540
Screen slit (concentrated slurry):mm                                      0.15-0.3
Screen slit (white water recovery):mm                                     0.05-0.2
Flushing water pressure:Mpa                                      0.5-1
Water consumption:m3/h              6            12         18

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