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The Main Factors Affecting Dehydration Of Paper Machine Press

Dehydration is an important function of press section. How can the press section dehydrate more? The following describes the factors that affect dehydration

1. Influence of line pressure
An increase in specific linear pressure is beneficial to dehydration, otherwise it is not conducive to dehydration.

2. The impact of the press roll
Effect of roller diameter
Effect of rubber hardness
Effect of rubber thickness

3. The effect of the angle of the felt drawn out from the pressure outlet side

4. The vacuum degree of vacuum roller and the influence of vacuum angle

5. The influence of the water retaining device of the lower pressure roller

6. Influence of operation speed
Increased operation speed, shorter residence time of the paper sheet in the nip, reduced dewatering time, increased moisture at the press outlet, affecting wet paper strength and may increase the chance of end breaks.

7. The effect of pulp characteristics
Impact of pulp beating and so on.
Influence of pulp ratio
Effect of moisture at the entrance of the press

8. The influence of felt quality
After being used for a period of time, the felt gradually becomes dirty and the dewatering capacity decreases, thereby affecting the continuous production of the paper machine. Therefore, the felt must always maintain good cleanliness to meet the needs of normal production.

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